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In Ivano-Frankivsk died in hospital three year old girl

В Ивано-Франковске в больнице скончалась трехлетняя девочкаParents believe that the doctors gave the child an invalid dose of anesthesia

Three-year-old girl was hospitalized after she soaked in a hot broth. Grandma said that the girl had burns on the back, right side and arm.

“We delivered the baby in the CSTO. I drove her to the hospital, I took it and gave it to the doctors. Some time has passed, the child is assisted and allowed parents. For six days she was treated, and today happened irreparable. The doctors said that with her granddaughter all the good that she is on the mend, taking care of her and dried the wound,” said the grandmother Maria Kovalchuk.

She reported that bandaging the girl was done under General anesthesia. After the first she quickly walked away, literally 10 minutes after she came out of surgery.

After the second dressing the child for a long time would not let the parents.

“The day before yesterday she had the second ligation. After the first child come out literally in 10 minutes. After the second time the parents of the girl were not allowed. Said she was sleeping. But also said that it again later rushed into surgery to place a catheter because the first one she pulled out. When they put the new then made a second anesthesia, a catheter under the clavicle to supply,” said the grandmother.

Parents allowed in the house only in the evening. She after some time woke up and asked for a drink, but it was immediately vomited. And then she fell asleep again. Grandma said that the girl strangely he came to himself again and quickly fell asleep.

“She didn’t even Wake up as it should be. Just fornication of the eyes “, – said the woman and added that by the evening the child had a fever and the doctors gave her analgin.

The night my parents spent in the car near the hospital, and in the morning tried again to get into the house to the child, but they were not allowed.

“The hospital is the room of the parents. My kids slept in the car under the hospital and nobody called. In the morning they came under the door. They were told that a child under the oxygen mask. When someone came out of intensive care, the son-in-law jumped in there, and the daughter is left at the door, and heard a terrible scream. She opened the door too late, ” said the grandmother.

The girl died early in the morning, and relatives say that within half an hour it tried to revive. They suspect that the child was injected too large a dose of anesthesia so she died.

“In documents it is written that from 8:10 to 8:40 it tried to revive. We have suspicions that a child is not moved away from the anesthesia, and I don’t know what it was with the two anesthesia? Us about the serious condition of the child did not say never. Of course, it was hard, but we were not informed that the critical “, – said the relatives.

Chief doctor of the hospital Radislav Koturbash denies all allegations and to comment on the death of a child refuses.

“There is a forensic examination. Parents inadequately behaved, kidnapped history. It’s all recorded. They cheat because my son was all the time. More I will tell nothing “, – briefly commented on the Bazhenov.

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