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In Italy, the three teenagers stole two buses to carry school

В Италии трое подростков угнали два автобуса, чтобы снести школуStudents on all pairs flew into the school building.

In Italy police have arrested three young men, hijacked two public buses, broke to them the gate of their school and crashed into the school building.

The total damage from the actions of the young malefactors school located in the town of Carpi in Northern Italy, was equal to about 70 thousand Euro. Even 100 thousand is estimated the damage caused to the buses.

The students, who were 16 and 17 years are current or former students of the school Meucci di Carpi. All of them come from families who immigrated from Africa. The police does not exclude that their actions were motivated by a desire to copy the recent terrorist attacks with the use of vehicles, committed by Islamic extremists in various countries of Europe.

Teenagers stole five vans with the closest Parking in the night from 20 to 21 April. Three cars they left, and with the help of two first broke the school gate, and then entered through the main entrance in the lobby of the building.

Despite the fact that the faces of the hijackers were covered with scarves, they were able to identify the records from surveillance cameras and arrest already in the evening of 22 April. Currently all teenagers are in a juvenile prison in Bologna. Police looking for possible accomplices.

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