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In Italy rescuers pulled survivors kid from a broken home. Video

В Италии спасатели вытащили выжившего малыша из разрушенного дома. ВидеоIn Italy from the rubble rescued three brothers, among them, 7-month-old baby

In Italy rescuers pulled from a broken home three brothers who were under the rubble after the earthquake on the island of Ischia.

Rescuers who worked through the night, pulled from the rubble of the seven-month-old Pasquale. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Later saved his eight-year-old brother Matthias. The longest Dellosa the rescue of eleven-year-old Ciro, he spent in a ruined house more than 15 hours. People welcomed the efforts of the rescuers applause.

The two older boys hid under the bed after the first kick on Monday night.

The salvation of the boys became a sensation. Video from the rescued chiro was broadcasted by the main Italian TV channels. The father of the boys, whose hands were bandaged after a night of excavation of the wreckage in search of children happily hugged relatives when alive pulled his eldest son.

According to the representative of the fire service Luke brown, the work of rescuing the boys was difficult. Rescuers during the night maintained verbal contact with children. “In a moment of silence, they were tired. Then they began again to speak and we calmed down,” he said.

An earthquake of magnitude 4 on the Richter scale occurred on the Italian island of Ischia the night before.

The disaster has caused considerable damage and led to casualties. Two women were killed and 39 people were injured.

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