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In Italy, again there will be a referendum

В Италии снова пройдут референдумы Lombardy and Veneto are two of the richest regions of Italy

Two of the richest region of Italy – Lombardy and Veneto – plan to hold the October 22 referendum to extend the rights of their autonomy.

The referendum will put the question formulated in the following way: “do you Want to have your own region received additional forms of autonomy?”

However, none of the regions will not consider the issue of secession from Italy and only speak about the extension of the powers of local authorities.

Also in the Belluno province within Veneto scheduled microreference in which residents will decide whether they want greater independence from the region.

Lombardy and Veneto are two of the richest regions of Italy that produce 20% and 10% of the total GDP of the country. Each of the regions in Rome pays more than it receives in investment and services. Taxpayers in Northern Italy complain that the excessive portion of their income goes to Central government, which spends them in the poorer regions in the South.

In Lombardy, home to 10 million people in Veneto – 5 million inhabitants. It is expected that both regions will vote for the extension of autonomy. The referendums in these areas will not have legal force. According to the Italian Constitution, any region is allowed to make such issue to a referendum.

Recall, October 1, residents of Catalonia voted for a referendum on independence, which does not recognize the government of Spain. For independence in favor of more than 90% voted, but the turnout barely exceeded 40%.

Spanish authorities warned from the beginning that they would not consider this vote legitimate.

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