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In Israel, found the ring, lost 2000 years ago

В Израиле нашли кольцо, утерянное 2000 лет назадWomen’s ring dates from the era of the Second Temple.

Archaeologists from the Israel antiquities authority during excavations in the National Park of the city of David found a woman’s ring, whose age is estimated at two thousand years.

According to scientists, in the past the woman took the ornament before dipping in the ritual bath on the Pilgrimage road to Jerusalem, and forgot it.

Ring, as well as the other artifacts found during the excavations, allows researchers to relate the story of one man with the life and habits of other people, as well as to shed light on the historical and cultural features of the society of the Second Temple (516 BC – 70 ad).

The ritual bath was found along old compacted roads leading from pool Siloah to the Temple mount. As historians believe, it was a main road on which the Jewish pilgrims were heading to the temple.

Earlier during the excavations near St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv archaeologists have discovered the Foundation, which, according to the researchers, is part of the Church that stood on this spot before the construction of the Cathedral. The Foundation dates back to the XIV–XV century.

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