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In Israel, found the alleged base of the Persian king cambise

В Израиле найдена предполагаемая база персидского царя КамбисаCambia managed to conquer Egypt and become its ruler.

It is noted that, Kambiz II was the son of the Persian king Cyrus II the Great, founder of the Empire of Ahemenidov. In 525 BC, Kambiz II concentrated his troops in Palestine and from there launched an attack on Egypt. In addition to the Persians, his troops were Greek mercenaries, as well as cambia did not have a fleet, he used the Phoenician ships. By the end of the year, Cambis was proclaimed ruler of Egypt.

The Persian settlement was found during excavations of a hill tel Keisan, which is in Galilee, in the valley of acre. People lived on the site of tel Kasana in the bronze age in the II Millennium BC. The settlement existed, including, in the Assyrians, the Persians and the Hellenistic period.

In the study, researchers found in a layer that dates back to the era of Persian rule, a big hole with organic debris and numerous remains of ceramic bowls and vessels for cooking. Some of them were made in Phoenicia, part imported from Greece, mainly Athens. Based on these discoveries, archaeologists suggested that Cambis could use the village as a base for the invasion of Egypt. In addition to tel Kasana the Persians based in nearby settlements that were on the site of the modern Haifa and acre.

The researchers also suggested that before the advent of the Persians in tel Kasane could be the Egyptians, which allowed them to control the valley of Akko. In particular, archaeologists have found the ruins of a large building, Dating from the VII century BC. In areas archaeologists have found ceramic vessels for storage, made in Phoenicia, in Cyprus and in Eastern Greece.

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