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In Israel archaeologists have unearthed an ancient burial

В Израиле археологи раскопали древнейшее захоронение4,000-year-old Israeli tomb found a jug of decapitated frogs.

In Israel archaeologists have discovered a 4,000-year-old tomb near Jerusalem zoo. They were surprised by what they found inside: numerous vessels containing the remains of plants, including date palms and Myrtle, and none of which was local to the area and the decapitated bodies of at least nine toads.

The tomb was discovered in the river basin Boyfriend, Rephaim where there were few settlements in the period Chanaanites four millennia ago. Archaeologists have discovered two settlements, two churches and several cemeteries in the area, which, according to the leaders of the excavation Shua of Kisilevich and Zohar of Turgeman-Jaffa, “a new light on the life of the local population at that time.”

“For an archaeologist to find the tomb, which had been deliberately sealed in ancient times — is a priceless treasure, because they are time capsules that allow us to find items almost the same as they were originally. At that time it was customary to bury the dead with sacrifices, which is a kind of “burial kit”, which was thought to have helped the deceased in the afterlife. When we moved the stone that blocked the tomb, we were delighted to discover untouched jugs and vessels. In one of the jugs, to our surprise, we found a bunch of small bones. The study of the bones revealed that the remains of at least nine toads. Interestingly, they were beheaded,” he told them in an interview.

Scientists believe that the trees and shrubs of the Myrtle was planted in there pots specifically because in natural conditions they are in these places do not grow. Pitcher with frogs, apparently, was also part of the funerary offerings to the deceased.

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