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In Iraq the ancient city of Alexander the great. Video

На территории Ирака найден древний город времен Александра Македонского. ВидеоArchaeologists have found the remains of the ancient city.

In present-day Iraq, archaeologists found a city that, allegedly, was founded by Alexander the great.

Ancient ruins have noticed after studying declassified spy movies of the 1960-ies, says Science Alert.

First, the team of experts of the British Museum discovered the outlines of a large rectangular building, hidden under fields of wheat and barley. “Where there is a wall under the ground, wheat and barley do not grow so well, so there are color differences in the growth of plants,” said archaeologist John McGinnis from the British Museum.

The city, which was discovered by British archaeologists, Alexander the great founded in the year 331 BC. For some time he lived here with veterans of war campaigns. Apparently, the city was called Kalinga of Darband, which translates roughly as “the castle in the mountain pass”. The city was on the route, which was Alexander with his army to attack the king of Persia Darius III.

“This is only the beginning of the work, but we think it was a bustling city on the road from Iraq to Iran. You can imagine wine merchants who deliver to his soldiers,” – said John McGinnis.

Archaeologists have found the foundations of several major buildings, including the fortified walls. Also were discovered stone press, could be used in wine-making or oil production. Also found were fragments of tiles and the statues of Persephone and Adonis heroes of the Greek myths. Precise Dating of the finds until the install failed.

Excavations are expected to last until 2020, so there is a good chance that we will learn much more about this lost city, journalists said.

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