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In Iraq smashed and set fire to the Iranian Consulate

В Ираке разгромили и подожгли консульство ИранаProtesters stormed the Iranian Consulate in Basra and began to RAID the offices

Protesters stormed the Iranian Consulate in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on Friday, September 7. Also earlier, a group of protesters set fire to the building of the municipality of Basra.

The demonstrators burst in and started destroying the offices of the Consulate. Also the diplomatic mission threw fire. According to sources in the security service, the Consulate was empty when stormed the crowd.

The port of Basra was closed

According to “Anadolu Agency”, 7 September it became known that the government of Iraq has closed the port of Umm Qasr in connection with the ongoing protests in the city of Basra.

As reported by a customs officer of the port of Muhsin’s Sake, the port is closed until further notice with the aim of enhancing security.

As told journalists the representative of the company “Ports of Iraq,” Anmar al-Safi, Minister of transport of Iraq Kazi, Finjan urged the protesters not to obstruct the operation of the airports and ports.

The reasons for the protests

The wave of protests in Basra were provoked by the lack of electricity and large shortages of water. Note that Basrah is considered one of the hottest cities on the planet, with summer temperatures regularly exceeding 50 degrees.

Starting Monday 2-million city of Basra, at least 10 protesters have died in osnovnom in clashes with the security forces. Residents say they were kicked out on the street because of the corruption and disorder that has allowed infrastructure to decay, leaving no power, no safe drinking water in hot summer.

Smaller protests in solidarity with the Basra occurred in several other cities, including Kerbala and Baghdad.

The political crisis in Iraq

Protesters condemn Iran’s influence on the political parties of Iraq. For example, the influential Shiite scholar Moqtada al-Sadr, whose supporters won the parliamentary elections, made a televised address to the Iraqi people. He demanded to convene an emergency meeting of Parliament and to call him Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi.

The unrest has pushed Iraq in a new crisis at a time when politicians have yet to agree a new government after inconclusive elections in may. The new Parliament finally met on Monday for the first time, but broke after a day, when not a single party did not collect enough votes to elect a speaker, and especially to name the next Prime Minister.

Meanwhile in Basra, the continuing unrest, despite the authorities introduced a curfew. Demonstrators smashed also the headquarters of Pro-Iranian militia “Asaib AHL al-Haq.”

We will remind as it was reported, on 6 September, in the Iraqi city of Basra during clashes with Iraqi security forces killed 7 people.

В Ираке разгромили и подожгли консульство Ирана
В Ираке разгромили и подожгли консульство Ирана

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