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In Iraq, began a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan

В Ираке начался референдум о независимости КурдистанаAgainst the vote were made by Turkey, Iran, the EU and the USA.

The referendum, participants had to decide whether there will be Iraqi Kurdistan is part of Iraq or become an independent state, began on Monday.

Part of Iraqi Kurdistan has four provinces – Dohuk, Hewler, Sulaymaniyah and Halabja. They are home to 5.5 million people. The total area of these provinces is about 40 thousand sq. km.

The decision to hold a referendum on 25 September 2017 the electoral Commission of Iraqi Kurdistan was finally adopted in mid-August.

Iraqi Kurdistan under the agreement of 1970 enjoys a wide autonomy, however, in these areas strong idea of complete separation from Iraq. “We can’t live together with Baghdad, we tried many times,” – said on Friday at a campaign rally in Erbil, the head of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani.

According to him, the Central government of Iraq violates the country’s Constitution, unable to build a partnership with the Kurds, and Baghdad is not enough democracy. According to Barzani, after the referendum there will come a time for dialogue.

“The referendum is not the construction of boundaries, it is not acceptance of the status quo, but this is the first step towards independence,” said Barzani. According to him, the independent Kurdistan should be a Federal, parliamentary and democratic government.

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