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In Iraq, a massive explosion there killed

В Ираке прогремел мощный взрыв, есть погибшиеAt least three people were killed and six injured in an explosion in Northern Iraq.

In the province of Salah al-DIN in Northern Iraq explosion.

According to the report, by the road along which civilians were trying to leave the areas controlled by the ISIS militants, detonated an explosive device.

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The explosion at least three people were killed and six were injured.

Earlier in North-Central Iraq have discovered a mass burial of alleged victims of ISIS. From the grave at the presidential Palace in Tikrit recovered 89 bodies.

Presumably, the victim could be captured during the escape from the military base nearby in mid-2014, when ISIS took control over large parts of North and West Iraq. Then the Islamists declared that they executed 1,700 soldiers is unacceptable for them to the Shiite branch of Islam, while 800 soldiers Sunnis supposedly “pardoned”.

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