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In Iran, archaeologists have discovered a sensational find

В Иране археологи обнаружили сенсационную находкуFound the oldest cave paintings on Earth.

Near the city of Khomein, which is located in the Central province of Iran, discovered cave paintings that may be among the most ancient in the world.

According to the archaeologist Mohammad Naserian, which found them a few years ago, their age can be over 40 thousand years.

Archaeologist says he found the rock paintings, when I went with friends to relax. While walking, he noticed the interesting patterns of painting.

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According to the scientist who spoke with journalists Agency ISNA, find these drawings is almost the same as to discover a treasure.

Naserian decided to continue to explore this area, with the result that he found a lot of pictures, including pictures of hunters, dancers, gods and animals.

Iranian scientists do not yet have the instruments, allowing to determine the exact date of the painting. Near this city recently visited specialists from the Netherlands.

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Naserian believes that his discovery will help to find out why cave paintings are in such remote locations from each other.

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