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In Iran, accidentally discovered a 134-year-old survivor

В Иране случайно обнаружили 134-летнего долгожителяIn Iran during the General population census registered a 134-year-old survivor of Ahmad Sufi.

In the General census of the population held in Iran this fall, was was a man of 1882 birth 134-year-old survivor by the name of Ahmad Sufi who lives in the city Succes in the province of Kurdistan.

It is noted that the members of the family characterizes A. Sufi as a kind and sympathetic person, always ready to help. A. fims no children of their own, but there are four reception rooms.

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It is reported that despite its more than respectable age, A. Sufi does not suffer from any ailments.

The oldest resident in Iran was previously considered a 130-year-old male from city:. Now A. Sufi has not only become the main long-lived Iran but also the second oldest person in the world.

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The oldest person on Earth is now considered the 145-year-old Indonesian Sodimico born in 1870.

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