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In Iran, a woman was convicted of “anti-Islamic” selfie

В Иране женщину осудили за «антиисламские» селфиFrom the detainee engaged in bodybuilding, more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram.

In Iran imprisoned a female bodybuilder – the reason was the publication in social networks photos of the training that was deemed immodest.

The name of the athletes is not specified. Presumably, this is popular in Iran athlete Shirin Nobuhara. A woman is in jail, because they could not make bail. She was not two million rials (about $ 60).

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Nabahani is one of the two Iranians who took part in the international competitions. In September 2016, when she returned home, authorities gave her a warning on the theme of love to the “indecent” selfie.

In Iran the term “naked” refers to women who have not covered the body from the wrists to the ankles. Local police also insists that the clothes of the fair sex were not fitting.

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