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In iPhone 8 radio still there

В iPhone 8 радио все-таки естьIn late September, Phil Schiller already explained one of the representatives of the FCC that iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 it is impossible to turn on the radio.

FM module in these smartphones has never been the hardware in the smartphone do not play FM stations.

Now Apple asked the guys from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). The Association has published an article that highlights that Apple is lying.

Referring to the iFixit article, EE Times, TechInsights and other parser, NAB notes that the iPhone 8 has a radio module based on the Broadcom chip. Apple has disabled it on purpose.

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Turning to Apple, NAB asks to activate FM is the app in future versions of the iPhone and to “remember old days”:

The iPod Nano had built a beautiful Radio. Apple has proven that he knows how to do listen to the radio more convenient. The iPod Nano was even ahead feature of ether for 15 minutes.

When developing the iPhone, the company decided to restrict the user from this functionality. Although the hardware to turn on the radio in smartphones Apple is possible.

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In the same article, NAB refers to Tim cook, Recalling the global cataclysms and natural disasters that struck the U.S. over the past 45 years.

NAB believes that for Apple it was a time when “we must first take care of Americans.” “Do the right thing, Mr. cook. Depend on it people’s lives,” concludes NAB.

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