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In Ingushetia found the body of Doku Umarov

В Ингушетии нашли тело Доку УмароваThe experts will prove that it is the remains of the Umarov, who has repeatedly buried.

In the mountains of Ingushetia, which is part of Russia, the body was found, which probably belongs to Doku Umarov liquidated. Action at the time was President of the unrecognized Kremlin Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and headed the group “Caucasus Emirate”. Russian propaganda, in turn, called him “terrorist number 1”.

According to the source resource to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the body was discovered on Friday, September 22, in the Sunzha district of Ingushetia.

Place of burial pointed to one of the fighters who returned from Syria. He was detained for participation in hostilities. The man began to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for reduced sentences. Umarov’s remains were wrapped in a Cape. In the burial site were also found the remains of four bodies – said the interlocutor of the edition.

By the way, reports of the destruction of Doku Umarov, there are at least 12, the first of which dates back to 2000, and the last 2014. when the first FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov officially announced that he was dead, and later the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has posted a photo of the dead gunman . Despite such a loud statement, the body of Umarov still not been found.

In Russia, Umarov is suspected of involvement in a series of major terrorist attacks, in particular, he is accused of undermining the “Nevsky Express” in 2009, bombings in the Moscow metro in 2010 and the explosion at Domodedovo airport in 2011.

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