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In Indonesia, stated on the prevention of rebellion

В Индонезии заявили о предотвращении мятежаOn the streets of Jakarta today there were about 150 thousand Muslims.

Two arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred. Among those arrested is a politician and sister of former President Sukarnoputri, Rachmawati, rock musician Ahmad Dhani and retired General Kivlan Zen.

It is reported that the conspirators had intended to use the mass protests that are taking place today in the capital, Jakarta. According to police, they planned to speak to the crowd, and then encourage people to blockade or assault on the Parliament.

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On the streets of Jakarta today there were about 150 thousand Muslims gathered from around the island of Java. They are protesting against the Christian Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, which, in their opinion, insulted the Koran. He Purnama claimed that only criticized his opponents, using the Qur’an in the election campaign.

Elections of the Governor of Jakarta to be held in February 2017. This post is one of the key in the political system of Indosesia. The current Governor Purnama – an ally of President Widodo. Until recently, he was considered the favorite in the race, but after the scandal with the Quran, he, according to polls, lost the lead to rival — 38-year-old opposition-the Muslim Agus Yudhoyono, son of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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