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In Indonesia found the earliest rock paintings in the world

В Индонезии нашли самые ранние наскальные рисунки в миреThis is the earliest image of the subject in the world.

In Indonesia on the island of Borneo, archaeologists found cave paintings of the age about 40 thousand years.

According to the journal Nature, figurative cave paintings were discovered in a limestone cave in the Eastern part of the island of Kalimantan. The figure shows animals that resembled cows.

According to the magazine, until the earliest of the subject image in the world.

Also found were the stereotyped image of the hands, the examination of which showed that probably they were created from 40 to 52 thousand years ago.

The cave has also preserved thousands later drawings created about 20 thousand years ago, which depict the human figure, supplemented in the message.

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