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In India, showed how to look like fiery clouds

В Индии показали, как выглядят огненные облака Strange weather phenomenon filmed.

A resident of the settlement of Bangalore, located in the Indian state of Karnataka, saw a huge object appeared in the sky. A man by the name of sander Tanguma went to the hospital early in the morning (05:30).

Giving sight to the sky, the Indian noticed a cloud anomaly. The sky as if consisted of 2 layers: the top layer was dark and flat, and the lower of fire and slow moving.

The man immediately took the phone and started to make a strange phenomenon. The video attached below. As noted ufologists, nature cannot create a smooth cloud, so they considered the incident over the work of aliens.

Other theories state that cloud anomaly could have religious significance or be the result of an unknown experiment in the world of the elite and the government. To know the truth is unlikely to succeed, so we can only guess.

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