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In India, prospective lawyers will study law of Harry Potter

All the seats were occupied.

Students of the Indian law school preparing to study law on the books about Harry Potter. They will deal with the enslavement of house-elves, werewolves discrimination and the conditions inside the Azkaban.

In December of this year, the national University of juridical Sciences in Kolkata will hold the first classes on the legal principles of the universe of the young wizard. The course is called “the Relationship between literature and law: a special look at potteriana Rowling”. It was developed by assistant Professor Shouvik Kumar Guha. From students attending these lectures, it is expected that they have read all the books twice, if not more.

The curriculum requires students to apply both the Indian and the magic of legal principles to such topics as “unforgivable curses” – torture, assassinations, “the taking of” another person, the rules of Quidditch and the alleged murder of Sirius black.

The course aims not only to break the patterns, but also to encourage the young people to think critically about social problems of India, because of discrimination, torture and slavery are still endemic characteristic of many parts of the country. AMI – people without magical abilities.

According to The Guardian, all over the world were sold more than 500 million books about Harry Potter, and in India they are also incredibly popular. Forty places have been filled.

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