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In India has created a unique chocolate

В Индии создали уникальный шоколад Each chocolate is made in the form of the body.

Chocolate Dolce Mal created at the initiative of the Indian organization of Healthcare at Home to intimidate sweet lovers.

According to co-founder and CEO of this company Vivec Srivastava, India became the world capital of diabetes. He added that many patients can’t control their craving for sweets, not knowing that it can lead to serious diseases, blindness, amputations of limbs, kidney failure and heart disease.

During the campaign for the fight against diabetes was created by Dolce Mal, scary-looking brand of handmade chocolates. Each chocolate is made in the form of the human body that can be affected by this disease.

In addition, in a beautifully decorated box next to the candy was printed information about the health effects of excessive consumption of sweets.

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Developed the campaign in collaboration with the Agency McCann Health.

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