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In India found ancient drawings with aliens

В Индии обнаружили древние рисунки с пришельцамиIn India found ancient pictures with a detailed image of the cosmos, the aliens and their technology.

Across the Earth, archaeologists and historians find thousands of testimonies about a possible contact from extraterrestrial civilizations with the ancient people.

This and the legend of the demigods from the sky, and the various rock paintings of the people, not like the others, pictures of alien ships, strange statues, as well as the unexplored parts from large machines. According to alternative scientific theories, 10 000 year old paintings and archaeological artefacts can prove that the ancient ancestors of mankind do actively communicated with aliens.

For example, one of the most ancient and advanced civilizations is India. On the territory of this country in one of the temples in Chrome were found drawings that resemble more a fantastic film and literally show the horrific details about the cosmos and life in it.

Local Indian authorities after the discovery of petroglyphs with aliens immediately turned to the us space Agency NASA for help. Local archaeologist George Bhagat said that the nature of the petroglyphs is not known to him. Scientist admits he does not know who painted the ancient Indians. Found in India artifacts show that ancient people could visit an alien civilization. In addition, the drawings were done in natural colors and completely disappeared.

It is interesting that the author portrayed not just aliens, but also space. It turns out that NASA is not just studying the drawings of the aliens, but also confirm the existence of the anunnaku with Nibiru, in the case of the authenticity found in India images.

The fact that there is a theory that aliens from the mysterious planet actively lived, ruled and developed people. According to Sumerian mythology, the aliens were demigods, Anunnaki from Nibiru. They were able to build the ancient Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, to teach the Australian aborigines “fabulous art”, the ancient Greeks, the Sumerians wisdom and so on.

However, the opponents of this theory argue that the ancient people drew and believed in dragons and trolls, but that doesn’t mean that they once existed.

В Индии обнаружили древние рисунки с пришельцами
В Индии обнаружили древние рисунки с пришельцами

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