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In India a man got seven kilograms of iron

В Индии из мужчины достали семь килограммов железа An unexpected finding.

Surgeons at a clinic in the Indian city of Satna was removed from the patient, seven pounds of foreign objects.

35-year-old man named Maqsood Khan was admitted to the hospital with complaints of pain in the stomach.

“We decided to conduct an endoscopy and was amazed to see in the stomach of coins, nails, bolts and nuts. Nothing like that in our practice are not met,” said the doctor, Prank Charm.

According to him, the patient most likely suffers from a mental disorder. The Khan’s relatives, said that he works as a pedicab, and customers often pay them a trifle. According to relatives, the husband recently suffered from depression, and probably swallowing coins and other small iron objects, were trying to get rid of boredom.

Currently the Khan’s life is out of danger, he promised not to use the metal for food.

The newspaper reminds that a similar case occurred in the city of Bhatinda in Punjab in 2015. Then doctors removed from the stomach of 34-year-old male 40 coins, 150 nails and other foreign objects.

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