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In Hungary, held mass protests

В Венгрии проходят массовые протестыTen thousand inhabitants of the Hungarian Budapest staged a rally against the policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The reason for the protest – citizens demanded to cancel the law on educational institutions.

Citizens do not agree with the law which requires foreign schools to have playgrounds in the country of their registration. Protesters also Hungarian city of Budapest talked about fair elections and corruption. Note that the protesters are concerned that the imminent adoption of a law that requires foreign NGOs to register as “organizations with foreign funding”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Recall that in a country on another continent, Chile also held rallies, but for a different reason. Latin residents of the state rallied at the expense of the pension system in the country. It has not changed for thirty years, what pension, according to the citizens below minimum wage.

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