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In Guatemala have discovered a unique burial of the leader of the Maya

В Гватемале обнаружили уникальнейшее захоронение вождя майяThe Maya worshiped him as a God and continued to communicate with him after death.

The burial of paramount chief of the ancient Maya was found near the ruins of the town of Waka in Northern Guatemala.

Analysis of ceramic artifacts has allowed to date the 300 – 350 BC – so this is the earliest of all known graves in Guatemala this kind.

In a different world the Indian chief was accompanied by the gorgeous funeral mask, making it possible to determine a magnificent tomb as the resting place of one of the representatives of the Supreme kind of the founder of the Royal dynasty.

The discovery was made in the framework of the joint archaeological project of anthropologists of Guatemala and the United States in El Peru-Waka. This ancient Mayan city is located in the National Park Laguna del Tigre, 65 km from the famous Tikal — “the place where the voices of the spirits.” A team of anthropologists explored a side tunnel under the Palace-temple, when he discovered an unknown tomb.

David Freidel, Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, commented on the finding: “the Maya of the classic period honored dead kings as gods, they believed their living souls residing in the world of death. The tomb of the leader blessed the ground of the Royal Palace of the dynasty of the WAC. It looks like a grave old Saxon kings in Westminster Cathedral. This place kind of glory and his greatness”.

The ancient Maya believed that ancestral spirits care about posterity still living on earth, protect them and care about the well-being and health.

The project team presented the anthropological discovery of the scientific world as “founder of the dynasty of the WAC”. Perhaps this is even the leader of the Chang AHK, famous historical figure, who ruled the Mayan people in the IV century ad On the forehead of a burial mask carved cross — the symbol of the sun, and on the crown — the sign of maize. Maya leaders were often called children of the Maize God.

In the rich burial of the founder of the dynasty was discovered 22 elegant ceramic vessels, jade jewelry, twisted sea shell and pearl pendant-pendant in the form of a crocodile. Mask and the remains of the Supreme leader was painted in bright red color.

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