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In GTA V you can now play on your smartphone

В GTA V теперь можно играть на смартфонеLiquidSky allows you to run GTA 5 on Android smartphones.

The company Rockstar Games already some time receives requests to make of Grand Theft Auto V is available on mobile devices. And it really was possible, now GTA V is available to owners of smartphones and PC owners that do not meet the system requirements of the game.

Updated version LiquidSky offers every user more power PC, in which you can download new games and to use libraries of existing services Steam, Origin, Humble Bundle,, GOG and not only. The virtual shell of the computer demonstrated on any supported device. Therefore, you receive the opportunity to play any games on your smartphone — from the old classical works to new games with realistic graphics.

LuquidSky structure is similar to that proposed service Onlive in 2010 — however, all processing falls on the strength of the rented servers. This is what sets LiquidSky on the background of Onlive, as the participants had to buy the servers themselves, which were much more expensive. According to the creators LiquidSky, the service Onlive is simply ahead of its time and therefore was closed.

Another advantage LiquidSky — its free. Users are free to play totally free but with a mandatory viewing of advertising. $ 10 will remove the need to watch ads for some time. Also have the option to pay a monthly subscription of $ 20.

LiquidSky is only available on Android, iOS users are still unable to use the service. To use the required 4G or Wi-Fi frequency to 5GHz. Also need a suitable Internet tariff.

At the moment, LiquidSky allows you to run GTA 5 on Android smartphones, available on the Internet related videos. Also, there are reports about Overwatch and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but these statements haven’t been able to provide videos demonstrating the performance of these games on smartphones.

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