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In GTA III found carved character

В GTA III обнаружили вырезанного персонажаDarkel was the mysterious old man without a certain residence.

In a network there was a large roller on one of the cut from GTA III characters. A mysterious homeless was to become one of the key figures of the game, giving the players missions and unique items as a reward for their performance.

Judging by the snatches of descriptions, Darcel was the mysterious old man without a certain residence, which can be found in the most secluded and dangerous corners of the game world. It can be taken for a madman who says strange things and gives the same strange tasks.

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In particular, during one of these missions, players had to steal a ice cream truck, fill it with explosives, to stop in the middle of the Park and attract as many people as possible. The crowd, on the orders of Darkel, had to blow up. And the more people die the better. That this mission was supposed to be in the game, said one of the screenshots posted before release of the game, as well as similar mission El burro, in which the main character is necessary in the same way to kill some members of the Forelli family.

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The mission with the ice cream was supposed to be one of the 5 in the line of Darkel. But in the early stages of development, according to representatives of Rockstar Games, several of his missions were removed because they were not interesting enough and was felt, at least, strange, not fitting into the overall concept of the game. Behind them were massacred, and the rest of the mission, and then the character himself.

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