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In Greenland traces of an ancient cataclysm

В Гренландии обнаружены следы древнего катаклизмаThe meteorite can be compared with 47 bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

In Greenland found a huge meteorite crater, whose area is five times the Paris. He was under almost a kilometer layer of ice, reports Science Advances.

A cataclysm occurred during the last ice age. Crashed to Earth a space object, the width of which was about a thousand meters and a weight of 12 million tons. Scientists estimate that the debris had to fly several hundred miles and possibly even reached the shores of modern Canada.

This meteorite can be compared with 47 bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Space for a hundred miles around were completely scorched.

People at that time had not yet populated the region, but all animals and birds are likely killed instantly. The explosion also led to the melting of the ice cap, and Nersa Strait, separating Greenland from Ellesmere island, gushing fresh water. It is strongly influenced by global ocean currents.

The crater was discovered and studied through radar sounding. But scientists still find it difficult with the exact Dating, calling the period between three million and twelve thousand years ago. Judging by the good preservation of the crater, it is quite young (by geological standards).

Earlier it was reported that researchers have found the first on Earth the ice volcano. It is located on the Yamal Peninsula. Previously it was believed that this phenomenon is typical only for the other planets.

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