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In Greece have found an ancient city in the Trojan war

В Греции нашли древний город времен Троянской войныFound remnants of the ancient city.

Scientists in Greece found the ruins of the ancient city. Experts believe that it is the city of Teneya.

Archaeologists have discovered the walls of the ancient Greek city, jewelry, coins, and several tombs. Nakhodka is located in the southern part of the Peloponnese.

Scientists found on the territory of the settlement of clay, stone and marble floors. Among the 200 rare coins one for the “payment journey” to the afterlife. Among the burials discovered the tomb containing the remains of women and children.

Archaeologists believe that found the city Teneya. It was founded after the Trojan war, in about XIII-XII centuries BC, the Earlier they know the approximate location of the ancient settlement.

Excavations in the area began in 2013. Experts believe that residents of the city were rich enough because the settlement was at the crossroads of trade routes. It is assumed that the residents left the city in the 4th century BC

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