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In Greece have discovered a unique artifact

В Греции обнаружили уникальный артефактFound the tomb in 3,000 years

Greek workers have connected the new building to the Central sewage and stumbled upon an ancient tomb, in which nearly three and a half thousand years have been human remains.

The archaeologists dated the find to the first half of the 13th century — the second half of the 12th century BC — a time when the mysterious Mycenaean (Achaean) civilization was forced to give way to the invaders from the North — the Dorians. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This is the third such burial found in the area. The other two were found in 2009, as well during excavation. The burial chamber the wall height is embossed into the rock and has a size of 2.6 x 2.9 meter. According to the archaeologists, it is smaller than the other two tombs of the Mycenaean period, which had dimensions of 3 x 3 meters.

In addition to the remains of five people, in the tomb found intact 41 vessel, with murals, characteristic of the era, as well as shards more than a dozen vessels.

In these tombs for each new burial, opened the entrance and the dead were buried near the remains, the archaeologists explained.

The identification of the tomb will help to complete the picture of the Mycenaean cemetery of the city of Salamis, scientists believe.

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