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In Greece archaeologists have discovered a sensational find

В Греции археологи обнаружили  сенсационную находкуBefore you get to the tomb of a warrior, all the jewels have been carefully “casting”

A sensational discovery was found recently archaeologists from the United States.

Find steel ancient warrior armor and four gold rings.

Judging by the found next to the remains of the “rings of power” buried belonged to a noble family. This finding is considered very rare in the world of archaeology. In addition to the above findings, the researchers found the burial of more than 2000 gold ornaments. By the way, discovered the skeleton was named by experts as “Warrior-Griffin” due to the fact that the armor on the chest of a warrior with the image of a mythical bird. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And also next to the skeleton, the experts found a bronze sword and unique artifacts. Archaeologists established the fact that the works belong to Minoan culture, and before Aharonyan were very hard “casting”, in order to accompany the corpse of the warrior.

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