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In Germany thousands of people protesting against trump

В Германии тысячи людей протестуют против ТрампаTwo thousand people in Frankfurt protest against the new President of the United States.

Thousands of people across Germany have joined the day before to protest against the presidency of Donald trump.

The largest demonstration was held in Frankfurt-on-main, where the procession through the city centre was attended by two thousand people, said on Sunday radio station “Deutsche Welle”.

The audience, as hundreds of thousands came to the “March of women” around the world, advocated the protection of national minorities, the weaker sex and for a variety of social groups.

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In the German capital, a similar protest was held in front of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. “Democrats abroad” – a division of the Democratic party, representing the interests of residents abroad of U.S. citizens – acted as the event’s organizers, said the law enforcement authorities of Berlin.

In Munich, about 600 people joined the procession from the building of the American Consulate General to the city centre.

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According to police, all the action took place peacefully.

“March of women” against the new President of the United States held in dozens of cities around the world. The marches involved hundreds of thousands of people. Mass demonstrations in Washington, according to some, was attended by about half a million protesters. More than 500 thousand people, according to police, came to a similar rally in Los Angeles.

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