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In Germany there was a strange cold drink

В Германии появился странный мясной напитокNow the people of Germany to enjoy a cocktail with meat content.

The butcher of Germany invented an unusual alternative to fruit juices, cold tea and other drinks.

Peter cool from a small town called Temmels with his son over the years making different varieties of meat cocktails.

Buyers will be offered two types of such a drink with the taste of beef – and Butcher Beef Bombay Beef, and one chicken – Poulet Royal.

According to Classen, cold cocktails can be a great snack for truck drivers, travelers, athletes and manual workers. The author does not hide that he hoped for an order from the Bundeswehr and social services.

It is noted that this is not the first original idea of her husband, in the spring of last year, an inventive butcher has surprised its customers with an unusual way of selling their goods.

Its customers can order meat and pick it up at any time: the goods were stored in special refrigerated boxes with combination locks.

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