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In Germany, the student admitted to committing large-scale hacker attack

В Германии студент признался в совершении масштабной хакерской атакиSuffered even Angela Merkel.

20-year-old German student who lives with his parents and is not a computer expert, admitted hacking into the e-mail and personal pages of hundreds of German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This writes the Business Insider, citing Federal police of Germany.

The young man, whose name the police calls, released personal data (pictures, telephone numbers, correspondence, and credit card data) is nearly thousands of politicians and journalists on the now-locked Twitter account.

Student tweet links and passwords for these accounts, starting December 1. He, in particular, has published two e-mail addresses of Angela Merkel and the tax code that it previously used.

Among politicians from hacker attacks suffered by the representatives of all parliamentary factions, except for the right populist “Alternative for Germany”. Other people attacked 20-year-old hacker, was journalists, comedians and rappers.

The student admitted that he had acted alone, and said he chose victims who have done irritating his statement, said German prosecutors. The investigation has revealed no signs of third party involvement in the hacker attack.

“The accused said his motivation was irritation with the public statements of politicians, journalists and public figures,” – said a senior Prosecutor George Ungetwc.

The student was arrested on Sunday, January 6, at his home in Hesse, Central Germany, on suspicion of espionage and unlawful disclosure of personal information.

He was soon released and was cooperating with the investigation. 20-year-old boy also helps authorities “in other matters related to cybercrime,” said Ungetwc.

Recall, January 4, it became known that the deputies of the Bundestag, members of the leading parties, TV presenters, journalists and musicians have become the target of a hacker attack, which led to a massive leak of personal information, which, according to preliminary estimates, became the largest for all time in Germany.

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