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In Germany, spoke about the work of the FSB in the refugee community

В Германии рассказали о работе ФСБ в среде беженцевThis is stated in the film “Putin’s Cold war”, which was recently shown on German channel ZDF.

FSB of Russia sends to the EU of their agents — natives of Chechnya under the guise of refugees, according to the authors of the film “Putin’s Cold war”, shown on February 8 the German TV channel ZDF.

About sending agents disguised as refugees told journalists a former senior employee of the FSB, appearing in the film under the name Igor. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to him, the purpose of these agents is coming to Europe under false documents, is the introduction of the Muslim community the largest countries of the EU to promote “the interests of the Kremlin.” In addition, they monitor radical Islamists, but also participate in protests against the government.

A former Colonel, says in the film, served in the FSB for 20 years and was personally involved in the operations in implementation agents under the guise of refugees. The face of “Igor” in the film hidden and his voice changed.

The author of the film Egmont Koch indicates that, in total, spoke with “Igor” more than 15 hours under the camera, so no video.

A former Colonel in the FSB, probably the most senior officer of the Russian special services who had moved to Europe during the reign of Putin.

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