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In Germany showed an electric car of new generation

В Германии показали электромобиль нового поколенияA new project, a small startup from Munich can turn the whole road transport market.

The urban electric car for the price of a conventional car with internal combustion engine – who has not dreamed of such a vehicle which would have all the advantages of traditional machines, but it does not pollute the air.

Until now, manufacturers have failed to bring to market this model, however, in the near future, the company Sono Motors can provide the vehicle that will revolutionize. Talking about the car Sion, which is a small electric car for the city. Yet this car exists only in the form of a prototype, but its prospects look more than interesting. What is so special about this car? For example, the reserve. Depending on the version, Sion is able to overcome 120 to 250 kilometers on a single charge.

But most importantly, that the body of the car covered with solar panels, thanks to which the charging occurs constantly in the daytime. Only one of the electric power received from the sun, Sion can travel up to 30 kilometers which is enough for daily trips around the city. Another interesting feature of the concept of Sion is the interior of the car – or rather, the air filtration system. The fact that for this purpose the Germans use a special… Icelandic moss!

As explained by the creators of the project, it is a natural filter that is not inferior artificial counterparts. Moss located on the front panel in the area of the duct, and is able to not only clean the air coming into the car, and dry it by absorbing the particles of water. In addition, the electric vehicle can be used not only directly, but also as a mobile charging station. For example, it is important for lovers of nature, who will be able to use Sion as a source of electricity.

But perhaps the most interesting trump card Sion of the electric car is its price. The creators promise that in the basic version of the car will cost 12 000 Euro.

В Германии показали электромобиль нового поколения
В Германии показали электромобиль нового поколения

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