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In Germany found a very old bottle of wine

В Германии нашли очень древнюю бутылку винаThe find is considered the oldest wine in the world. However, the alcohol in the drink no longer contains.

Polutoralitrovye bottle of wine was found in 1867 far during excavations of the burial place of the Roman aristocrat and his wife in the German city of Speyer. The experts found that the wine is made approximately in the year 325 ad, It means that the bottle with drink about 1690 years.

The liquid in the vessel has a particular hue and density. Due to the length of time that the wine in the bottle has been buried in the ground at the bottom and the walls arose sediment like silt. Two-thirds of the contents of the vessel are a dense and opaque substance. Experts believe that this olive oil.

What is in the bottle is not quite wine. The research results enable to assume that the fragment of the liquid in the bottle was originally wine. But now its composition is completely different from the composition of the alcoholic beverage.

Experts found in an ancient vessel traces of oil and colorless liquid. However, it absolutely does not contain alcohol from the wine has evaporated all the ethanol. According to scientists, the presence of a bottle of olive oil gave the opportunity to the content so long kept. In addition, the bottle was closed with wax. If in its place was an ordinary tube, it would have decayed, and the wine and the oil either leaked or evaporated.

A bottle of the oldest wine in the world is located in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate. Wishing to see such a rare find quite a lot.

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