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In Germany fined 85-year-old grandfather, who rested at the bus stop

В Германии оштрафовали 85-летнего дедушку, отдыхавшего на остановкеThe grandfather allegedly used a stop not on purpose.

Duesseldorf was fined 85-year-old man – because he is a couple of minutes and sat down to rest on the stop. It turns out that in this city you can’t just sit on the stops, they have to wait for transport, and so that all saw it.

In Dusseldorf ordered the man to pay 35 euros for what a few moments he decided to rest at the bus stop. This was written by a friend of his grandfather on his Twitter…

“You used building, belonging to public transport, not on purpose, but as a place to stay”, — said in the letter sent to the old man. It turns out that in Germany the spot is only for those who are going to use the transport.

A close friend of the pensioner says that grandpa does not like homeless. Moreover, he is of advanced age and suffers from dementia, so it is not surprising that during walking the dog of an elderly man sat down to rest on one of the stops.

Family fined decided to deal with it, and intends to go to court.

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