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In Germany, discovered a fragment of a unique card

В Германии обнаружен фрагмент уникальной картыMap not intended for navigation, she wore a fictitious character and illustrated the Bible.

In Germany, in Halle, was discovered the valuable fragment of an ancient map of the XVI century, which depicts the Holy land.

This was reported by the newspaper Deutsche Welle.

According to the German newspaper, an old map, to find that scientists are trying quite a long time, was able to detect when the inventory in the vault of the library of one of the local schools.

The fragment has a fictitious character. It contains images of places mentioned in the Bible, as well as scenes that illustrate the various stories of the New and old Testament of the Bible.

Under assumptions of experts, the map was created in 1540. She was depicted in the “Map of the Holy land” – a 12-page album, which was created by Dutch artist Herman fan Borculo. All the inscriptions existing on the discovery, made on stroitelnogo language.

This piece is sheet 3 from the album mentioned above, known to modern scientists. 2 parts that were previously detected are stored in a private collection and the British library.

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