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In Georgia attacked Saakashvili’s wife.

В Грузии напали на жену Саакашвили, - СМИSandra Roelofs, who is a candidate from the opposition for the post of Zugdidi mayor, filmed a report on his election campaign.

In the Georgian city of Zugdidi has been an attack on the wife of the former President of Georgia, former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, Sandra Roelofs.

Roelofs is a mayoral candidate of Zugdidi from the opposition. It is reported that the attack happened when she gave an interview to TV company “Odishi”.

According to the information portal, at this time, the provocateurs began shouting insults at Roelofs and crew, and “they inflicted physical abuse,” and chased the photographer.

“I came with very rude insults, Georgian, Mingrelian. We did not work. We had a small shooting. Went to fight. Chased our journalist, photographer. We then asked security to call the police, but none appeared. Came just when they were gone,” said former first lady of Georgia.

According to the chief of Zugdidi police Irakli Patsatsia already started studying the issue and in case of detection of the crime will commence the investigation.

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