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In Georgia, archaeologists have found an ancient settlement

В Грузии археологи нашли древнее городищеArchaeologists have discovered an ancient settlement in the Georgian region of Kakheti.

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient city under the Kakheti region of Georgia with an area of over 2.5 hectares.

It turned out that the building of settlements in The area were made of mud brick.

The walls of some buildings have reached a thickness greater than one meter. They discovered traces of fire. Part of these structures has a round shape.

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Archaeologists have found the remains of ancient plaster, grindstones, painted with red paint pottery. Excavations will begin this year. Then we will know to which period belongs to the monument.

The researchers also found a bronze age barrow, which is much thicker than the others mounds, previously discovered in Eastern Georgia. Dimensions of the findings are 115 metres in diameter and 20 meters in height.

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