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In Geneva found the stolen artifacts from Palmyra

В Женеве нашли украденные артефакты из ПальмирыCultural values were stored on-site duty-free zone.

In the port of Geneva found and confiscated cultural values illegally exported from the Syrian city of Palmyra, as well as Libya and Yemen.

The artifacts were stored on-site duty-free zone free port duty-free zone, where there is virtually no control of the authorities.
Confiscated objects belong to the III-IV centuries of our era, and all nine of them. Among them are especially distinguished head of Aphrodite and two funerary bas-relief.

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The Swiss Prosecutor’s office found that the monuments were in Geneva Porto in 2009-2010. They were found during customs inspection of only a few years later. Later experts confirmed the age and historical value of the artifacts, after which the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case.

While there is an investigation, the stolen values are stored in the Geneva Museum of art and history and become part of his exposition.

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