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In France, the teenager threatened the teacher with a gun. Video

Во Франции подросток угрожал преподавателю пистолетом. ВидеоThe student decided to joke with the teacher.

In the Internet appeared the video, where French-teen threatens teacher with a toy gun. A cruel joke and I recorded classmates, and then posted on the social network.

The video quickly spread via social media and became viral, it was even commented by the President of France Emmanuel macron. He urged the interior Ministry to take steps to punish the guilty, and the school banned this behavior. After that, the video was removed.

A high school teacher Branly in Kratae wrote to the Prosecutor’s office a complaint for “forcible threat of a weapon”, for it threatens till five years of imprisonment. The boy came to the police station with his father. There he claimed that the gun was a toy, and he was just joking and didn’t want to intimidate the teacher.

On 21 October the French court for youth Affairs sent a 15-year ochnik Branly in Cretae into custody, according to the Mirror.

The video shows how a student threatening a teacher with a gun, ordering him to lower his head. He made his way to her office in the morning with his friends. The woman obediently followed the instructions of the teenager, and classmates laughed at what is happening.

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