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In France, the elections recorded a high voter turnout

Во Франции на выборах зафиксирована высокая явка избирателейThe name of marine Le Pen in the last hours was the most mentioned in social networks.

Voter turnout in the presidential elections in France, which is held today, one of the highest in 40 years.

Thus, according to the publication, the level of participation of voters as of 12:00 (it amounted to 28,54%) exceeded the corresponding figures of the election in 2012.

“According to official data, it is the third highest level of voting as of noon, with the presidential elections of 1974, and the presidential elections in 2007”, – is spoken in the message. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As noted, intermediate the highest voter turnout in the last 40 years in the elections of the President of France was recorded in 2007 (31,21% of voters as of 12:00), then won by Nicolas Sarkozy. The second largest voter turnout was noted in the elections of 1974.

For the last two hours of the name of the candidate in presidents of the country from the national front party, marine Le Pen became the most mentioned social networks.

The most used combination of words in the same period of time has become jevote (FR. Je vote – I vote).

We will remind, on Sunday, April 23, in France held the first round of the presidential elections, for participation in which has registered 11 candidates.

Media noted that the most chances to reach the second round, scheduled for may 7, have the leader of the political movement En Marche! (Forward!) independent candidate Emmanuel macron, and the leader of nationalist party national front, marine Le Pen, which is opposed to European integration and advocated the policy of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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