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In France, protesters demanded the resignation of the government

Во Франции протестующие потребовали отставки правительстваIt is the largest protest in 10 years

In France, representatives of the movement of the Yellow vests called on the government to resign and appoint the former chief of General staff of Armed forces Pierre de Villiers Prime Minister.

The corresponding statement was voiced by a representative of Yellow jackets in the Vaucluse Department, Christoph on radio Europe-1.

“I can see the head of the government of General de Villiers. He has authority and he headed the government,” he said Alenson.

In his opinion, the resignation of de Villiers became the first major crisis of five years of the presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

From 2014 to 2017, De Villiers was the head of the General staff of the French Armed forces. In retirement, he left because of disagreements with the Macron, in particular, because of the government’s plans to reduce the military budget.

Demonstrators from the movement of the Yellow jackets staged mass protests for the third weekend in a row. In addition to lower fuel prices, they want lower taxes and raising the minimum wage. In parallel, the CGT trade Union will organize a protest rally at Republic square in Paris. French officers began to detain demonstrators.

Earlier it was reported that the demonstrators began to organize riots: throwing shells, burned cars and smashed shopping facades.

As of December 2, in Paris the police detained 378 people, 133 people were injured.

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