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In France, invented an original way to scare pedestrians-violators

Во Франции придумали оригинальный способ отпугивать пешеходов-нарушителейThe creators ask you not to look into the eyes of death.

Agency Serviceplan and French state structures on issues of road safety conducted an experiment, which decided to draw attention to the problem of violation of traffic rules by pedestrians.

Near one of the transitions, set lightbox, equipped with a motion sensor, speaker and camera: when someone crossed the road at a red light, with a Billboard he heard the sound of a sharply braking car, says 24 TV Channel with reference to PetaPixel.

At such moments, the faces of frightened pedestrians photographed, and shots instantly got on the lightbox that says “do Not look in the eyes of death. Look at the traffic lights and cross the road safely.”

Several similar photographs taken during the campaign, is now posted on billboards and light boxes throughout France.

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