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In France have discovered very ancient cave paintings

Во Франции обнаружили очень древнюю наскальную живописьScientists found a sample of rock art age about 38 thousand years.

In the cave of the valley of the Vézère in France, depicts a wild cow, surrounded by a number of points. This finding can tell a lot about people’s lives at the time.

“The discovery sheds new light on the details of the development of rock art in Europe at the time when the first modern humans only came to the region and dispersed to the West and North,” said Randall W. (Randall White), an anthropologist from new York University, who led excavations in the valley of the Weser.

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The painting refers to orinyansky culture, which existed in the period 43-33 thousand years ago. After arriving from Africa, groups of modern humans had settled in Western and Central Europe, showing a wide generality in graphic expression.

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