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In France a man the third time was sentenced to life in prison

Во Франции мужчину в третий раз осудили на пожизненный срок Terrorist Carlos the Jackal, who had already twice been sentenced to life in prison for assault committed by him in 1974 in Paris, received a third life sentence.

67-year-old international terrorists, Venezuelan Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known by the nickname Carlos the Jackal, was sentenced by a French court to a third life term.

Verdict Carlos the Jackal, who at the time was called a terrorist number one in the world, handed down on Tuesday for committing 43 years ago Paris attack, said on Tuesday from Paris, news Agency the associated press.

September 15, 1974, two people died and 34 were injured in a grenade explosion in a Paris shopping arcade “drug store”. The investigation found that used in the Paris terrorist attack pomegranate belongs to the batch of ammunition stolen in 1972 from a U.S. military base, and the same grenades used in the taking of hostages at the French Embassy in the Hague and was found in Paris in the apartment of his mistress I. R. Sanchez.

The new trial Carlos the Jackal began on 13 March. Five judges had recognized Carlos the Jackal guilty that he threw the grenade. By I. R. Sanchez his involvement in the attack denies.

I. R. Sanchez, an international terrorist who carried out terrorist acts in the interests of the extremist groups of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine, the Red brigades, a Colombian organization M-19, the Japanese “red army” and other groups.

I. R. Sanchez was born 12 October 1949 in Venezuela. His father, being a Communist, called it in honor of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. After his parents divorced he moved with his mother to London and entered the London school of Economics. Then he studied at the peoples friendship University in Moscow. In 1970 he was expelled for subversive activities. Western media speculated that the expulsion was a cover before sending it to the operation on the instructions of the KGB.

In July 1970, I. R. Sanchez travelled to Lebanon where in Beirut joined the popular front for the liberation of Palestine. From there was sent to training camp to undergo military training. In the camp he was nicknamed Carlos for his Latin American origin. The second part of the nickname the Jackal he received from journalists after the time of the search of his hotel room was found the Frederick Forsyth novel “the day of the Jackal”.

In 1994, the Sudan handed over Carlos to the French authorities who sought his extradition for offenses committed in the early 1970s of the murder.

I. R. Sanchez was twice sentenced to prison for killing two police officers in 1975 in Paris and for a series of bombings in 1982-1983 in Paris, Marseille and trains, in which 11 people were killed and more than 150 people were injured.

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