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In Fortnite appeared first specimen surface transport

В Fortnite появился первый образец наземного транспортаAlso, the developers added a mode of “battle Royale” mushrooms.

So very raw projects years to get to version 1.0, Epic Games Fortnite updates for scribbles at the speed of light — a game today got the update 4.3. The number in the case of this action still is not to the detriment of the quality of interesting new features and changes in patch enough.

First of all, in the game, from the supermarket trolley. To put in her products is not necessary — we are dealing with a full vehicle, calculated on two players. And passengers allowed not only to look, but shot. Not a motorcycle and not a muscle car, of course, but why do you need to start!

Also, the developers added a mode of “battle Royale” mushrooms. One mushroom restores five units of shield. To find a treat on the swamps and in dense forests.

In addition, Fortnite is back a time-limited regimes “Blitz” and “Team of 20 people”. In the first deadly Storm catches up with “the survivalist” faster than normal, and the probability of occurrence at the level of the chests and boxes of ammunition increased. Well, the name of the other fun speaks for itself — on the island face five teams of 20 fighters. Of the changes we mention only the fact that now each group is planted from its own bus and not from the General.

Mobile users also have the lucky — Fortnite for iOS got voice chat.

As always, the list of improvements included in the patch 4.3, this is not the end — also Fortnite has become better controlled with a gamepad, got rid of loads of bugs and not only.

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