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In Finnish supermarkets will sell bread made from insects

В финских супермаркетах будут продавать хлеб с насекомымиAlready on November 24 in the supermarkets you can buy bread with crickets.

Mass fraction of insects in the product to 3% reported by Savon Sanoma. For making one loaf will use about 70 crickets – 3% by weight in the finished product.

“Crickets is a good source of protein, contain beneficial fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12,” said Yugan of Sibakov, innovation Director of Fazer bakeries.

At the beginning of November in Finland were allowed to consume insects as food.

Bakery Fazer developed the technology of bread-making insects since the beginning of summer.

The first batch Sirkkaleipä – “bread with crickets” – are available in supermarkets of the capital Helsinki.

In the Internet appeared the video of South Korean cooking show, which tried a new suhpay APU. Leading handed the package with the new dry rations, without telling them what is in seredini. Tasters liked the tea and instant coffee. But surprise crackers-biscuits – in Korea, the bread is not dry.

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